Company’s 12th Anniversary Celebration

SEATECH Company was established on November 5, 2007 with 12 experts, during 12 years of construction and development, SEATECH has always improved to bring customers the best products and services. And today, on the eve of a new age – an age that can be considered a transitional milestone in a person’s development, SEATECH promises to make strong changes to develop dramatically.
On the occasion of the 12th birthday, SEATECH would like to thank the Board of Directors – those who founded and steered the stable SEATECH boat on the big sea; We would like to express our deep gratitude to all employees who have always devoted themselves to the sustainable development of the Company. And especially, SEATECH would also like to express our sincere thanks to all customers who have always placed their trust and support in SEATECH’s products and services.
The 12th anniversary of SEATECH’s establishment took place solemnly and warmly with the participation of nearly 200 employees of the Company. Take a look at some of the best moments during the show:

Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Company said at the ceremony: “Thank you all for joining hands to build SEATECH over the years. Entering a new age, Hopefully each Seatechers turns themselves into technological Transformers, helping customers add more value in their business.”

The Board of Directors of the Company cut the cake to celebrate SEATECH’s 12th birthday in the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony.

The exciting and attractive opening performance from SEATECH’s young men and women in national costumes with vibrant dance moves on the background of mashup music “Let Me Tell You – Go Swing – Happy Birthday “.

Following the program was a comedy performance with a technology-rich name: “Cocoon-in-law IT”. The message that the author team wants to send to everyone through this skit is that the IT boys are not as dry and boring as the “legend”, but on the contrary, they are very smart, sensitive, with real life. spiritual life is extremely rich, romantic and can completely bring happiness to the person you love, so “Honey, love an IT guy!”

The next performance is the soft and flexible “Son” dance from the girls of the Business Service Center.

With musical performances choreographed and performed by Seatechers, the audience was able to go through many emotional states, from folk to modern, from profound earnestness to youthful vibrancy.

The final part of the program is a mini game and gift giving to employees who have participated in the game.

All employees raise a glass to wish Seatech a new year of growth and development!

The 12th anniversary event is a valuable opportunity for each Seatechers to look back on the past journey, be proud of what has been done, and take that as a motivation for the upcoming journey with a lot of hope. This is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors and all employees of Seatech to show their spirit and determination to be ready to face challenges in the future, to develop the Company to become stronger and more successful.