Company’s 13th Anniversary Celebration

On November 5, 2007, SEATECH Company was established with less than 20 members. After nearly 13 years of construction and development, SEATECH today has become the home of more than 200 members who have built the world of new information technology solutions, creating many values. to society, bring success to customers, contribute to the community.
On the occasion of the company’s 13th anniversary, employees had an emotional trip with 1 full night at La Paz Resort, Ha Long.

The autumn weather at the beautiful Tuan Chau island added excitement to the SEATECHERS before entering the TeamBuiling game with team games that require high cohesion between members.

Tuan Chau beach is dyed pink by the traditional colors of SEATECH’s shirt and the cheers resound in the tug of war.

The game “Pumping the dough” made everyone dirty but did not reduce the excitement of the SEATECHERS…

“Breaking mines” is not easy at all when the player has just been blindfolded and confused when there are too many “indicators” of your team standing around…

Play “Push the wheelbarrow” if you want to be fast, you have to slow down lest your face down is real 🙂

At the end of the TeamBuilding session, SEATECHERS were free to explore Tuan Chau Island before starting the Gala dinner with a spectacular and colorful music festival. Please have a look at the beautiful pictures in the ceremony:

All SEATECHERS from South to North gathered in the event.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of SEATECH Company delivered the opening speech at the ceremony. The captain emotionally shared: “Thank you all for joining hands to build SEATECH over the years. In the coming time, we hope that each individual will continue to transform and develop themselves. not only to work more and more efficiently, but also to find the most complete version of yourself.”

The Board of Directors of the Company cut the birthday cake and raised the party cup.

In the framework of the 13th anniversary of the company’s founding ceremony, the divisions and centers of the company responded enthusiastically with carefully invested performances that brought many surprises on the Gala night.

The first prize went to Software Production Center No. 01 with the drama performance “HISTORY OF THE MING Dynasty” which gave the audience a bird’s-eye view of SEATECH last year with changes in organizational model, technology Management and development direction…

The Enterprise Software Service Center won the Second Prize from the Organizing Committee with a dance inspired by ancient China – the dance “BRAIN”.

Comedy show “WU KONG KUC TU BA GLOBAL” brought the Third Prize to Software Production Center No. 2.

End of the journey, Seatech team returned to Hanoi with many emotions and many memories.  The road ahead has many challenges, but we always believe that with the spirit of solidarity, determination, experience and enthusiasm, the Seatech boat will firmly reach out to the big sea, worthy of the trust of the team. leaders and employees, keeping the love and trust of thousands of customers and partners.