data & ai

Increase data usage for better decisions
With IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, build a data fabric that connects siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape without moving it. Leverage integrated capabilities to process and query data in place and rapidly discover relevant data to speed insights. IBM Cloud Pak for Data simplifies administration and includes advanced governance and data privacy features to safeguard data while enhancing usage for analytics and AI.

Multicloud data access:
Manage data spread across distributed stores and clouds.
Intelligent knowledge catalog: Rapidly provide business-ready data to users.
Pervasive data privacy and security: Seamlessly enforce universal data and usage policies.
Distributed data processing: Process data without migrating to a central repository.
Modern cloud data warehouse: Supercharge analytics with Netezza, a high-performance data warehouse.

Customize and extend to your needs with IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Deployment flexibility:
Select the optimal deployment for your unique data landscape.
Leading capabilities: Customize through a broad range of cloud-native data and AI services available on the platform.
Robust ecosystem: Extend the platform with best-of-breed solutions from IBM technology and open source partners.

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