It’s 2019: FREE SUMMER

On the occasion of the summer of 2019, Southeast Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company – SEATECH organized a vacation for its staff in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang at the beginning of the last week of July. This is one of the annual activities that the Company is always interested in, focusing on organizing in order to bring moments of rest and relaxation to the officers and employees of the Company after stressful working days. At the same time, it helps to connect all employees in the Company to exchange and gather to create solidarity and close attachment
The trip was attended by a large number of employees and their families. The 2019 summer vacation is also an opportunity for employees’ families to have the opportunity to meet and exchange to increase understanding and emotional attachment with each other. Everyone had a chance to rest, have fun, swim, admire the scenery and participate in many fun and highly entertaining activities such as: Team Building, Gala dinner night with many exciting music performances, with the participation of many people. of many members and children of employees in the Company.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures from the summer trip 2019:
On the first day of coming to Da Nang, all SEATECH employees were “warmed up” with a TeamBuilding session on the beautiful My Khe beach, participating in highly challenging team games that required the whole team to work together. heart and with great ingenuity to be able to win the prize.

The second night in Da Nang, the atmosphere seemed to explode with the exciting Gala night and the contest “Nam Vuong SEATECH:

The summer vacation was a great success, everyone returned home safely, the trip left in each member of the Company profound, joyful and meaningful memories. Then after the trip, each member seems to be recharged with new energy, returns to work with excitement, always strives to complete all tasks well, unites and joins hands to build SEATECH more and more. develop.