Project kick-off Ceremony with LaoVietBank

Digital transformation in the banking and finance sector is not only a fierce competition in Vietnam but also in many other countries. Laos – Vietnam Joint Venture Bank (LaoVietBank) – the best retail bank in Laos is also not out of that race when constantly updating and upgrading the system to improve security, ensure safety and provide a better customer experience.

SEATECH has cooperated with LaoVietBank in a number of technology projects in the past, the success of those projects is the premise for LaoVietBank to continue to trust and choose SEATECH as a partner to implement the project “Upgrading LVB DigiBank 2023”.

On March 28, 2023 in Vientiane Capital, the Kick-off Ceremony of the project “Upgrading LVB DigiBank 2023” between LaoVietBank and SEATECH was successfully held with the participation of Leaders of both parties. The project aims to upgrade the user experience for LVB’s digital banking system, thereby maintaining the trust of old customers and attracting more new customers to the bank. Especially in this upgraded version, LVB will add the online credit lending feature, the data from the system will support the process of issuing products, lending programs as well as analyzing business activities and credit risk.

The cooperation between LVB and SEATECH once again affirms the brand and reputation of SEATECH not only sustainably developing in the domestic market, but also gradually developing and affirming the brand name in Southeast Asia and international markets.