The Professional Project Management Training Course

Following the trend of software development in general and practical production and business activities of Southeast Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company (SEATECH) in particular, the skill set of Project Managers has always been highly required; especially in the context that SEATECH is on a strong growth path with many clients being massive financial firms both domestically and globally, as well as public financial agencies under the Government.

With the goal of long-term investment and human resources development, the SEATECH Board of Directors has determined that people are the key factor in optimizing human resources for production, ensuring products and services quality for clients.  In order to achieve that goal, the Professional Project Management training course has been organized by the Company to help employees broaden their skills and knowledge to apply in daily work practice.

The Professional Project Management training course took place from March 12th to March 26th, 2022 on every Saturday. The participants are managers and team leaders who are currently working at SEATECH.

This course aims to equip participants with a foundation of knowledge and practical experience so that they can effectively utilize their management skills in typical projects through examples, templates and case studies. The course is divided into 6 modules, implemented in 6 sessions (3 hours/session), including the following specific contents:

1Project management basicsProject and project management overview. Project management organizing and process. Basic project management steps
2Scope, requirements managementThu thập yêu cầu dự án Phân rã và xác định phạm vi Quản lý phạm vi, yêu cầu /Collect project requirements. Decompose and define scope. Manage requirements, scope
3Project SchedulingDefine and order tasks, Estimate resources and time. Create and optimize project schedules
4Cost & resources managementDetermining costs, budget. Planning, acquiring resources. Developing, managing project resources
5Project planning and implementationProject initiation and planning. Identify and plan risk control management. Track progress, evaluate performance
6Monitoring, reportingProject communication & reporting. Application of monitoring tools. Evaluate and close the project

Accompanying the training course to guide participants to receive and improve project management skills is a Senior Lecturer with PMP® certificate of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which is considered the gold standard in project management certifications worldwide.

As part of a series of events to actualize SEATECH’s strategic goal “Transformer”, the Board of Directors expects this training course to be one of the appropriate activities to help employees improve their management capability in order to optimize production and business activities, thus passtionately contributing to sustainable development and breakthrough growth of SEATECH.

Some pictures from the first session of the course: