Data Digitization Solutions and Digital Transformation Business Processes In a Digital Age

Data Digitization Solutions and Digital Transformation Business Processes In a Digital Age

Selecting the appropriate digital platform for enterprise applications?

IBM Technology Group with its global experience is the best and most prestigious platform software manufacturer, has now launched the IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA) software suite to meet the transition. number for Businesses. This is a solution that includes a set of tools to support enterprises' quick and comprehensive digital conversion such as: Managing and converting all enterprise data into electronic data and storing as Electronic information (ECM). In addition, the system will help businesses in the process of enterprises can actively build and define processes of data information processing, automating operations and many other useful features. Applying this technology platform will help businesses improve labor productivity in the production process, save a lot of time and financial costs in the business process, and open up opportunities for cooperation and integration, adapting globally quickly, especially in the period of business on the booming digital platform today.

Choosing the right partner to implement a digital transformation project is the core criterion of success

Recognizing the importance of technology application in enterprise operations, many businesses are determined and invested in the implementation of these digital transformation projects. In addition to the businesses that have gained successes, many businesses have failed and wasted time, opportunities and finance in digital transformation projects. The key to success is not from investing a lot of finance or choosing a suitable platform, but also a very important factor that businesses choose the right partner to accompany them to bring the platform. good technology into application in accordance with the scale, meet the actual goals and expectations of the business. This requires in-depth knowledge capabilities of software software deployment partners about: the superiority of the selected technology platform, the understanding of the business and the core operating model. core business, knowledge of development trends and specific goals to be achieved in the enterprise's digital transformation project.

Seatech with more than 200 technology experts and more than 10 years of experience in the field of construction, delivery of software solutions in Vietnam, is currently a very prestigious partner in the supply and construction, integrated transfer of solutions on the basis of IBM technology firms in Vietnam. Seatech has helped many large and reputable organizations and businesses of the Government, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Hospitals ... in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. Seatech has successfully implemented digital transformation projects with platform products: IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA), IBM API Open Banking, IBM Digital Banking, IBM Data Integration ...

With the goal of "Technology to promote business", we are always ready to cooperate, accompany and share our practical experiences with businesses in digital transformation projects to carry out successful technology projects.