Seatech's 10th Anniversary

Seatech's 10th Anniversary

10 years is not too long or too short route, there was many ups and downs during those years. For one person, it shows the mature in every aspects; for one company, the mature is much clearer.

Founded in Nov 05th 2007 with the number of more than 10 employees, they were separated from big corporations, with the same sense of purpose, want to build a company of software solutions and IT equipment which marked their own names. To now, Seatech have nearly 200 employees, increase nearly 20 times compared with the number in the beginning.

10th anniversary is an important occasion so that the celebration is also different from the previous years.
There are many unique things that make participants surprised and happy.
The celebration with a Teambuilding and the Gala Dinner happening in 2 days Nov 04th  – 05th at Asean resort and spa.

Through the teambuilding’s game, everyone feels tired but happy, get a lot of  health, we employees and managers have more time together, we can understand much more.

After that, everyone enjoys the Asean Resort’s services and prepare for Gala Dinner at night to celebrate Seatech’s birthday.

At the event, a secret Seatech’s character appeared with a letter which sent to all off employees. The letter show all the formation and development of Seatech during 10 years ago. Thanks for employee’s love from the first day until now.

Two days passed quickly, but the happiness is still remaining in each Seatech. 

Hope that 10 years, 20 years or even many years later, Seatech will still have these faces and many other new faces in the birthday ceremony.

Wish all the employees health, happiness, success and the Seatech is able to conquer new heights!