Recruiting Electronic Invoice Software Sales Staff

The electronic invoice of the Tax24 electronic tax service system is a product that provides solutions for the creation of electronic data on the sale of goods and services, created, sent, received, stored and managed according to the provisions of the Law on Electronic Transactions and guiding documents. In order to bring this utility product to more users, SEATECH needs to recruit a large number of Electronic invoice software sales staff.

Job description
  • Search information, reach potential customers
  • Consulting tax declaration and electronic invoice software solutions for businesses
  • Negotiate and sign contracts with customers
  • Product information page:
  • Passionate in business
  • Active, confident, well-communicated
  • Graduated from all majors with priority of Business Administration, Corporate Finance, Accounting ... at universities and colleges nationwide.
  • Business experience is an advantage
  • Real income is not limited.
  • Sponsored by the company to participate in the health care insurance program with a hospital fee guarantee up to 180 million VND / year for employees who have worked from 01 year or more.
  • Participate in many extra-curricular activities regularly organized by the company
  • Fully benefit from the regimes according to the current Labor Law
  • Working time: Monday to Friday Morning: 08h00-12h00, afternoon: 13h30-17h30
  • Dynamic, professional environment, many promotion opportunities.

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