The Professional Project Management Training Course

Following the trend of software development in general and practical production and business activities of Southeast Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company (SEATECH) in particular, the skill set of Project Managers has always been highly required; especially in the context that SEATECH is on a strong growth path with many clients being massive financial firms […]


In the morning of April 8, 2022, The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement among PVCOMBANK – IBM – SEATECH has solemnly taken place at Meliá Hotel, Hanoi. The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement among PVCOMBANK – IBM – SEATECH was held with the aim to broaden the promising vision and long-term cooperative strategy […]

General Department of Taxation approves Tax24 E-invoices providing services of receiving, transmitting and unitizing stored data

The General Department of Taxation has just issued Decision 1620/QD-TCT dated 12/11/2021 approving the organization that meets the conditions to sign a contract to provide the service of receipt, transmission and storage of invoice data with the Department of Taxation. Taxation Department, including Tax24 E-invoice software of Southeast Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company. Pursuant […]

Recruitment of sales staff for electronic invoices

Along with the development of the industrial revolution 4.0, Tax24 e-invoice product of Southeast Asia IT Joint Stock Company (SEATECH) was born to fully meet the following criteria: safety, security , stable, friendly and convenient. In order to connect businesses with this utility product, SEATECH Company needs to recruit 10 sales staff for electronic invoices.

Company’s 12th Anniversary Celebration

SEATECH Company was established on November 5, 2007 with 12 experts, during 12 years of construction and development, SEATECH has always improved to bring customers the best products and services. And today, on the eve of a new age – an age that can be considered a transitional milestone in a person’s development, SEATECH promises to make strong changes to develop dramatically.

Doan Vien Tet 2020

The year-end ceremony and New Year’s Eve is an annual event held by the company to appreciate the contributions of employees during a long year, and also an opportunity to honor and reward collectives and individuals who have positive contributions in the past year.

Company’s 13th Anniversary Celebration

On November 5, 2007, SEATECH Company was established with less than 20 members. After nearly 13 years of construction and development, SEATECH today has become the home of more than 200 members who have built the world of new information technology solutions, creating many values. to society, bring success to customers, contribute to the community.

It’s 2019: FREE SUMMER

On the occasion of the summer of 2019, Southeast Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company – SEATECH organized a vacation for its staff in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang at the beginning of the last week of July. This is one of the annual activities that the Company is always interested in, focusing on organizing in order to bring moments of rest and relaxation to the officers and employees of the Company after stressful working days. At the same time, it helps to connect all employees in the Company to exchange and gather to create solidarity and close attachment