Doan Vien Tet 2020

The year-end ceremony and New Year’s Eve is an annual event held by the company to appreciate the contributions of employees during a long year, and also an opportunity to honor and reward collectives and individuals who have positive contributions in the past year.
The bustling atmosphere of spring and the new year is really close when the Seatechers welcome a delegation of dragon monks to visit and wish the New Year and join in the tune of “Long Phung spring day reunion”.

After the grand opening performance, Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of the company gave a short speech opening the program. Mr. Minh shared with emotion: “Thanks to the consensus of all employees, the company has had a successful year with strong growth”. Besides, Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh also did not forget to thank all employees of the company, and acknowledge all contributions of Seatechers. 2019 ended with many victories and created a solid foundation for a more successful new year.

Following the program was the hat dance performance “Muse of Hue” performed by female staff from the Center for Internal Management. The audience seemed to be released to the dreamland of Hue in the gentle, deep melody and the flexible steps of the beautiful girls.

One of the indispensable activities in that year’s closing ceremony was the work of rewarding the collectives and employees who have achieved excellent achievements in the past year. There are 4 typical projects named in the “Typical Project of the Year” category: OPEN API Project for OCB Bank, Electronic Signing Project in the phase of TT01 response and training and implementation; Project to upgrade ECM and App Scan system for TPBank; Project on Building a State Budget Collection System for Banks.
In the year-end ceremony, there was also an activity to reward new Project Managers – who tried their hand at the role of a manager for the first time but all did a great job, in collaboration with the The sisters in the team made the project’s success.

Looking back over the past one year, the Company also did not forget to acknowledge the contribution of each employee to the common achievements, especially the efforts of the new employees. The time you join the project may be later than other members, your professional skills may not be really excellent, but you have tried your best to integrate as quickly as possible and make a significant contribution. into the success of projects. You are the “New Stars” and deserve to be honored.

The art team continues to bring the audience back to the exciting atmosphere of the coming New Year – Spring, but in a “very Southern” way with the performance “Happy Spring Day” performed by members from The Enterprise Software Service Center cooperates with the Electronic Tax Support Team.

At Seatech, the spirit of scientific research and efforts to improve professional qualifications is always a factor that is focused on maintaining and developing, in order to improve the capacity of the staff to meet the transformation trend in the industry. 4.0 era. In the closing ceremony of 2019, the employees who have passed the technology certificates were also honored and rewarded.

In an organization, it is necessary to have extra-curricular activities to promote cohesion among members. In order to honor individuals with good achievements in movement work, contributing to improving the spiritual life of the collective with their youth and enthusiasm, the Company awarded the “BLUE STAR” award to 3 individuals. typical person.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful images that took place during the event:

The Closing Ceremony of 2019 and Happy New Year 2020 has ended, officially closing the year with many events and full of emotions, and also opening the hope for a prosperous and successful new year. . On the eve of the new year, I would like to send to all customers, partners and employees of Seatech New Year greetings with lots of health, luck and success.